About Me
Simon Reinhard, born 1979 in Munich, Germany, is a two-time World Memory Champion (ML), European Memory Champion and German Champion. He is also a Guinness World Record holder for memory: 92 digits in 1 Minute. In 2008 Reinhard graduated in Law from LMU University in Munich, having placed among the top 8 percent of his year in both Law exams (two times over 9.00 points - "vollbefriedigend" -, sum of both exams: over 20 points). He is sure his memory experience helped him to achieve that success. Reinhard is holding an attorney's certificate. After working for a number of years as a lawyer in international Law firms, Reinhard decided to also pursue another endeavor: To use his expertise he got from being one of the best memorizers in the world to help others to learn better and to improve their memory. Reinhard is offering memory improvement courses, individually and for groups, in various ways: On the one hand, specialized courses for 1) lawyers/law firms and 2) law students. And on the other hand, general memory courses for management level and employees in order to increase efficiency and ease workload each day in the office. Reinhard is also a keynote speaker about memory, motivation and peak performance.
Memory techniques - Your secret weapon in the information age- TEDxTUM
Reinhard is the reigning German Memory Champion after his win in Magdeburg in 2018. It was Reinhard's 5th German Champion title after 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016.
Reinhard won the 2016 Memory League World Championship in San Diego, CA, against world-class opposition from around the globe. He clinched it with a strong performance of 5-0 in the final against his Mongolian opponent. It was Reinhard's second World Champion title after 2014.
Reinhard is three-times and reigning European Memory Champion. He won in London 2016, Toledo 2017 and Copenhagen 2018.
In 2014 Reinhard broke the Guinness World Record for most digits memorized in 1 minute at the Guinness World Record show in Xiamen, China.
Over the years, Reinhard has won more memory tournaments than any other athlete ever. This includes very prestigious tournaments around the world like the US Open, Italian Open, Swedish Open, Taiwan Open, Spanish Open and Singapore Open.
In 2018, during his win at the win Memory League Scandinavian Open, Reinhard set a new world record for the fastest memorization of 80 digits with a very fast 16.85 s. It has not been broken since in competition. Over the years, Reinhard has held world records in a great number of different disciplines like most random words in 15 minutes (300), most Names in 5 minutes (88) and in the most prestigious single event, the memorization of a deck of 52 Cards (20.44s)..